Welkom op mijn blog,mijn naam Annemarie, en mijn designer naam Wtk Design.
Hier laat ik mijn koop posers zien en de mooie lessen waar ik hun in heb gebruikt!
De mooie lessen heb ik gelinkt, naar de site van de makers

My Tou

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My Posers are for PU only, you may not share them with any one!
Please direct them to my shop at 


Alway's give credit to my tubes when you use these: 

© annemarie62 www.PicsForDesign.com PFD_annemarie62  

Please do not...

  • -Use my work for any commercial/financial gain when the preview shows PU-only.
  • Claim my work as your own or rename files.
  • Use my work to create any obscene/immoral or defamotry act that is illegal and prohibited by law.
  • If you HONESTLY feel that you cannot abide by the terms I have set, please do not use my work.? 

THANK YOU for downloading my designs, I hope you enjoy it.


have fun!

luv, Annemarie

ps  If you have any questions please email at dejongannemarie@outlook.com

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